Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Daily War Drum!!!

This is a great day. Today our humble weblog (blog) or, as I like to call it, blogsite, is one years old. During this year, many things have happened. One year ago, it was a sunny day of Summer, I sat on my chair at my computer and I said "Well, why don't open a blog then?", said-done! Ten minutes later I had created the "Daily War Drum".

Actually, the story is a bit different... I was in a pretty-bad mood because my eldest blog, "The Disney's Philological Fans' Page", was severely attacked by spammers. So, I decided to close the blog and, following a suggestion of a collector friend of mine called Renato Chiesa, I opened a new blog on Splinder to be able to control the comments.

At that point, I needed a name, I avoided the banal names such as "Philological Fan Page 2", "Disney Blog", "Comic World" and so on and I decided to use a name from an old 1935 Mickey's story by Floyd Gottfredson. In that story, "Editor-in-Grief", Mickey bought the famous newspaper "The Daily War-Drum"; well, I took off a "the" and a dash and I had the name for my blog.

My first articles were recycled from the "Philological Page", but soon I discovered to be able to base the blog on an interesting form of article, interviews. I started interviewing Italian authors like Luciano Gatto and Massimo Fecchi, but then, when I decided to translate the blog in English, I started interviewing authors from all parts of the World: Gilbert, McGreal, Korhonen, Petrucha, Ferioli, etc...

By clicking the following links, you can access to the interviews (in parentheses you can read the date of release).

Luciano Gatto (30 August 2010)
Massimo Fecchi (03 September 2010)
Michael Gilbert (07 September 2010)
Stefan Petrucha (09 September 2010)
Janet Gilbert (26 September 2010)
Kari Korhonen (05 October 2010)
Patrick McGreal (20 October 2010)
Stephen DeStefano (20 December 2010)
César Ferioli (10 March 2011)
Fred Milton (19 March 2011)
Patrick Block (29 May 2011)

A part of the interviews, I (since now I will use "we") published a Jugoslavian Mickey story, a collection of Jugoslavian Issue Covers, the Translation of VADEMECUM, a John Lustig's Synopsis and three of DeMolay strips.

We also published the story written by the Canadian reader Henry Halladae starring Dante's brother Dumbaria:


For the blog has also collaborated Andrea Cara, who wrotes two articles:

Fethry Duck's Birthday (with unpublished Kinney sketches)
A New Story by Don Rosa (with two page of that)

Actually Andrea also did a funny interview with me:

Interview to Simone Cavazzuti (19 April 2011)

The blog has been defined "Incredible" and "Unmissable" by famous Comics Critic Luca Boschi and by Paolo Castagno, creator of the Papersera has been jokingly defined "The Rivalry".

In this last section of the article we show to you a few drawings done by some artists for the Anniversary.

The following drawing, by Dutch Disney Artist Tim Artz, reminds us of the feeling and the friendship there is between Disney (Donald Duck) and Daily War Drum (Cin Cin).

The next drawing is a Topolino cover drawn by Marco Mazzarello and dedicated by him to the blog.

This one is an homage of Davide "Gladstone" Del Gusto (Gladstone).

Last one is by the evergreen Massimo Fecchi:

In the end, I've got to thank John Lustig, David Gerstein, Luca Boschi, Andrea Cara, Renato Chiesa, Olivier (for logo), all the interviewed and all the followers if this blog is still on I leave you with a good news, the interview to César Ferioli will be published by Timo Ronkainen in Finnish Fanzine Ankkalinnan Pamaus.
Thank you for following us for all this time!
The best has yet to come!

Simone Cavazzuti

Gatto and Fecchi's drawings have been colored by Federica Lyla, Gilbert's one has been colored by himself, Artz's one has been colored by himself, "Gladstone"'s one has been colored by Daily War Drum,

Images are © Disney and Cavazzuti

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