Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lars Bylund VS Floyd Gottfredson

As promised in this article, we analyzed "Mickey Seals for Treasure Island" (1932) and we found out the Bylund's twin-panels by Gottfredson.

Here we show you the confront between Bylund and Gottfredson's drawings.

Gottfredson panels are from strips of 07-28-1932, 08-15-1932, 08-18-1932, 08-20-1932, 09-02-1932, 09-03-1932, 10-21-1932, 10-31-1932, 09-09-1932, 09-24-1932, 09-30-1932.

Thank you very much for following us!

Simone Cavazzuti

Images are © Disney

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